How To Effectively Use Lemon in Cocktails?

Lemon, the most sought after and the most easily available fruit for almost any kind of drinks ranging from Fresh Juices, Cocktails and Mocktails, is popular for a reason.

Well, several reasons I would say!

For starters, Lemon, or as a matter of fact, any citrus fruits add a balance to your drinks. Especially when your drinks are too sweet, or too bitter, the tangy, tart flavor adds nice balance to the drinks.

Then comes the refreshing feeling when added with ice. The citrus fruits, particularly lemon, gives the much needed thirst quenching feeling that you can’t deny.

I am not even counting the endless health benefits a cup of lemon juice can give you and this has been heavily documented by many others.

Considering all these facts, when you choose a lemon based drink to mix with your cocktails, you need to make sure you do it the best possible way.

Remember, there are plenty of cocktails out there that use lemon in one way or the other as their ingredients.

How can you effectively use Lemon in Cocktails?

Fresh Juice:

There are plenty of brands giving you lemon juices, but fresh and homemade juices are always the best possible way you can use them when you try a cocktail at home.

Why? They are the purest form of Lemon juice you can have for your cocktail without any additives or preservatives or whatsoever that goes into bottling.

Plus, you get a sense of naturalness when you make your own juice and use it in your own cocktail. They taste true to its originality as well!

If you want to reduce the tart taste, you can keep it refrigerated for a few hours and then use it.

For Cocktail shots like the Lemon Drop Shot, freshly made lemon juices give that last zing when you gulp a shot. Here is the recipe for Lemon Drop Shot.


Lemonades are nothing but sweetened Lemon Juices. Of course you can make them at your home at your own convenience. It’s not Rocket Science. Just add Lemon juice in Sugar syrup and keep it refrigerated for a few days.

These Lemonades that are made at home are definitely a touch different from what you get from stores. 

One other way of getting a new lemonade is crushing the entire fruit with its peel and storing it for future use. This has a totally unique and more bitter version of lemon juice and you will love it when added to cocktails.

For instance, in The Blue Lagoon, freshly prepared Lemonade adds a hint of zestiness to the overall taste. Recipe for Blue Lagoon can be viewed here.

Lemon Wedges for Garnish:

You never know that these garnishes are actually there for more than just add beauty. They slowly ooze out lemon juices into the drink, if served appropriately. 

Plus, you can make them float onto the cocktails and this adds a subtle, yet appreciable change in the overall drink.