Looking for a different type of food this weekend? Here you go!

Each fast food restaurant in America is popular for a unique dish on their menu. If you’re looking for something different in US restaurants, check out below.

Here are a few of the American fast food chains with their specialty items. Why not try those?

Walk On’s Avery Island Salad

Walk On’s is a Louisiana-inspired cuisine that serves classic food items such as gumbo, grits, fried catfish, and actual beignets, all prepared from scratch.

Among a variety of dishes at Walk On’s, the Avery Island Salad is something so delightful and a very special salad.

This is definitely not just lettuce! It is topped with Tabasco brand pepper jelly and served with blackened jumbo Gulf shrimp, bacon, granny smith apples, candied nuts, and bleu cheese over a bed of mixed greens.

Don’t miss to have it this weekend!

Click here for walk ons menu

Bonchon’s Korean Fried Chicken

With a contemporary touch, Bonchon offers the traditional flavors of Korean fried chicken. The chicken is given the ideal amount of crunch with the ideal quantity of sauce using traditional cooking methods, which involve double frying the chicken and hand-brushing the sauce. 

This blend of flavor and crispness is unique and cannot be found anywhere else. The other Korean delicacies like bulgogi, bibimbap, and japchae remain crowd favorites even if fried chicken is their specialty. 

To complete a really comprehensive menu that may satiate any craving, they also add Asian Fusion foods like pork buns and fried rice.

More on bonchon menu here

Wingstop’s Chicken Wings

Are you craving hot wings? Wingstop is the go-to restaurant.

Wingstop knows how to add some wild flavor to a consistently high-performing wing, whether it be traditional Buffalo, acidic and hot Brazilian, or even mouth-puckering lemon pepper. 

Even if we’d prefer to see the tastes applied to other parts of the chicken, Wingstop has already proven itself to be the best fast food chicken restaurant in the country. If you’re a lover of chicken wings, then try Wingstop!

Pizza Hut’s Pizza

It is difficult to compete with the original chain when it comes to pizza. All other pizza restaurants in the United States are simply surpassed by Pizza Hut.

Yes, there are many fantastic independent restaurants around the nation, but Pizza Hut is your best bet if you want a trustworthy pizza.

The only problem with Pizza Hut is that it can be difficult to decide which pizza to order due to their extensive menu. A few to mention are Cheese lover’s pizza, pepperoni pizza, veggie pizza, chicken supreme pizza, Hawaiian Luau pizza.

Try Pizza Hut this weekend!

Arby’s Sandwich

Arby’s is best known for slow roasted roast beef, turkey, and premium Angus beef sandwiches, sliced fresh every day. 

You probably appreciate eating delicious fried sides and large beef sandwiches from the fast food restaurant Arby’s. 

Arby’s showcases the art of Meatcraft with a range of premium proteins and cutting-edge, crave-worthy sides like Curly Fries and Jamocha shakes.

Restaurant services offered by Arby’s include a special blending of quickness with the quality and individualized care of fast casual.

Give it a try!